Silence to Sound out now!


Porch Light Apothecary, hailing from Raleigh, NC, dishes out a dose of home grown textures in their first studio album, Silence to Sound, out today. The band was founded in 2014 by Brent Jordan (guitar and vocals) and Jason Elliott (drums and mandolin), and has since grown to include Brandon Whitesell (keys, vocals, and bass) and Chris Wear (guitar). This quartet forms one entity that prescribes your next favorite Americana album.

Silence to Sound was recorded in the intimate Sleepy Cat Recordings of Carrboro, NC. Its lyrics stem from the mind and soul of lead singer Brent Jordan, who writes about every day life, including its oscillating vulnerabilities, conflicts, and love for his home of North Carolina. His gritty voice and the organic layers of the band successfully deliver the feelings and sounds of the album that make you ponder, but not worry, about life.

Let it transport you to your front porch, enjoying the sunset on a cozy October night, surrounded by your closet friends and family.

Stream it on  Spotify, or check it out in person at Deep South in Raleigh, NC, Friday 10/14.

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